Signal cables, silicone cables, wires Tefzel, Afumex cables, coaxial cables, telephone cables, GSM cables.


We also produce cables with shielded multi-core cables and not in accordance with CEI-CE, EMC 89/336.
Cables UL / CSA, MULTINORME, AFUMEX, fror, HRFZ, BUTYL. Multicore cables for fixed installations, for mobile installation, Belden, multi-pair cables, cables for power or signal under Desina, motor cables feedback (resolver, encoder), polar fieldbus cables, serial cables, special cables terminated with a variety of connectors.


Cables 6 mm2 to 240 mm2, cables H01N2D, FG7 cables, wires N07, etc.


Flat cables step 0.63 -1-1,27, shielded cables, up to 64-way.
Round flat cable, shielded cable or not, up to 64-way.
Connectors for flat cables, made to customer specifications.
Inkjet marking or identification label.

Aeronautical Wiring

Wiring with inkjet marking black and white, hot marking, with wiring label or plate, made with dedicated printers, wiring preformed.
Wiring connectors MIL crimp or solder. We are able to offer a service that includes the realization of the project execution, customer design, in development studies prepared on behalf of or in collaboration with the customer directly. The company has advanced equipment for the task of cutting and machining of cables, which together with test systems to guarantee the best seal and correct crimping ensure maximum reliability.


Realization of electrical switchboards and in general, customer specifications, fitted if necessary wiring on the machine performed internally. Applications for industrial automation, electronics, power electronics, physics, lighting, converters, electro, cleaning, sanitizing, leak testing, automatic machines, switches, ultrasound machines, machine tools. For a review of representative specific applications see the voice experience.


We perform assembly services subgroup with integration of electrical, mechanical and hydro-pneumatic. We carry out assembly of electronic assemblies, complete testing by oscilloscopes, multimeters, and stiffness tests. The assembly can take place in full supply "turnkey", or account / job. If required we can provide for comprehensive testing and packaging.

Marking Systems

Mirmat has marking systems that allow complex markings of power transmission technology with a quality and optimal resolution, thus making it much easier assembly and after-sales service.

For Experimental Aircraft systems

All wiring is made to the specifications of the aircraft manufacturer in terms of cable lengths and protective sheaths, we can carry out cable marking through heat and laser treatment, our products are tested in our laboratories with latest generation test benches that are able to reproduce any type of sensor / transducer. Production of prototypes for experimental aircraft and special wiring for the military sector. Furthermore we can produce batches of small and long series for small, medium and large aeronautical industries both for general and commercial aviation.

Realization Electronic Cards

Our specialization in the field of electronic assembly aims its focus on "prototyping and small batch production": The ability 'in managing the extremely complex board assembly (BGA assembly on both sides, components in 0402 and 0201) in quickly and flexibly. To see an example click here and qui.Il service "Fast Sampling"; which allows the customer maximum 7/8 days (depending on the number of layers of the PCB) to have the samples assembled including PCBs and raw materials, a complete turnkey service and omni comprensivo.La possibility of analysis of various type on issues related to PCBs (PWA) and assembled circuit boards (PCB), with expertise and technology, taking advantage of the most advanced laboratories nationwide.

Assembly Cables for Telecommunications Networks

The high-performance products MirMat have produced improvements in the transmission of signals, shielding and mechanical integrity in a number of applications in computing and telecommunications. The test leads and measurement MrMat provide accurate and repeatable measurements that help engineers in making decisions and assessments during product design..

Cables for Railway networks


Cutting, threading, cable management, mechanical assembly and wiring equipment of high / medium / low / electronic voltage located in the channel electromechanical underbody. This product corresponds to the distribution of the electric train to the main equipment (converters, motors and inverters).


Cutting cables and wiring construction of medium / low / electronic pre-assembled by workmounts called TEP (pre-wired electrical boards). These wires correspond to the distribution of 'electrical system of the train carriage (signal distribution, lighting systems / air conditioning / sockets and PC monitors), the cab driver (area counter maneuver) and roof (pantograph)..


Realization of mechanical and wiring of electrical low and medium voltage, and electronic control. Automatic testing point-to-point, insulation and rigidity.

Civil and Industrial plants

Plant performs design, installation and maintenance of civil electrical installations and industrial (individual apartments, condominiums, residential and industrial buildings, shops and offices) with passion, professionalism, care and expertise that distinguishes us.
Our commitment has always been to deal with the problems of the world of electrical systems with the utmost professionalism by qualifying as a company that is continually stay ahead, both for the quality of the materials used, the best on the market, that the validity of the projects.

There are many types of interventions that we can offer our customers by providing a highly specialized service with the utmost seriousness from simple repair or maintenance, construction and installation.
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