MIR.MAT is an Italian aircraft electrical wiring harness manufacturer, our business business is in General Aviation in particular manufacturing wire looms for all Tecnam aircraft, to date we are expanding our knowledge in Commercial Aviation and we have several existing projects and on going co-operation with Geven SPA for aircraft interiors and seats for Boeing, Airbus, Alenia OEM's. We are specialising eon board network wiring systems (fibre optical) where we have the most important Italian telecommunication services provider TIM as on of our key customers

Detailed below are an overview of our capabilities:

Electrical harnesses (fixed pricing are part of our commercial offers to our customers). Digital wire marking by laser technology with a LASELEC MRO0200-A high definition printing Quality system in compliance with the ISO9001:2015 and EN9100:2016 (see attached) Worldwide deliveries by DHL,FEDEX,UPS, and other major carriers.

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